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Donald Harris

Don Harris is an invaluable member of the United Way of Central Eastern California team, bringing with him a diverse skill set that has evolved over the years. Joining the organization in 1986 with a background in graphic design and printing, Don’s passion for technology and commitment to delivering excellence led him to take on increasingly vital roles.

With a natural flair for building and optimizing information systems, Don quickly transitioned into the realm of installing networks and programming databases. His expertise in creating robust and efficient financial databases played a pivotal role in streamlining our operations and improving data management.

More recently, Don made a seamless transition into accounting and financial management, where he has displayed remarkable proficiency and dedication. His meticulous approach to financial analysis and reporting has been instrumental in providing valuable insights to the organization and optimizing resource allocation.

As the IT Manager & Accounting Lead, Don now oversees both the Accounting Department and the IT department. This unique combination of skills allows him to provide a holistic approach to managing our financial data while ensuring the smooth functioning of our technology infrastructure.

Don’s adaptability, technical prowess, and dedication make him an indispensable asset to United Way of Central Eastern California. His passion for leveraging technology to enhance financial efficiency and support the organization’s mission embodies the values we cherish. We are proud to have Don on our team, driving innovation and success in both accounting and information technology domains.